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Thumbs up The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Some reviews and previews:


So I recently got a high-end gaming laptop so that I could play games at work. I've always been a console gamer though - the only PC game I played in the last few years was Bionic Commando Rearmed and I used a controller for that. I was kind of daunted at the idea of memorizing a ton of keyboard keys to play games with. As it turns out, you can play this one almost entirely with the mouse, and memorizing keyboard shortcuts just makes things easier or faster.

Anyway, as I have played very few American RPGs, I would describe this game as being like Oblivion but simpler and more linear. The story and situations are uniquely European and quite interesting. Plus you get to sleep with girls if you want to. I got the European version which is supposed to show more skin but in my first few hours I haven't glimpsed any actual nudity.

The mouse controls for combat are pretty good. You click on an enemy to attack, and if you click again when the cursor changes shape, you'll do a combo. You parry some attacks automatically but you can click on the ground or behind your opponent to do other kinds of dodges. Switching between the 3 attack styles adds a strategic element as some enemies are weak to one style but not another. You can also use attack spells to mix things up.

Running the game at max or nearly max settings, it's quite lovely. I'd compare it to Oblivion on 360 but with better character models. However the characters' eyes don't blink or move during cinemas, which is kind of eerie. Those cinemas are all fully voiced and available in multiple languages. I think the English voice acting is pretty standard (not bad at all), but playing in the original Polish would be cool too.

What do you guys think of the game?
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the only nudity is when you get a whores CARD, its just a drawn pic of them naked

wasted extra ten bucks grumble grumble.
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Okay, I've gotten several of the nude cards now. They're neat, though there really should have been nude 3d models too.
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