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Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
PC gamers bash console gamers because the console gamers are double standard whores. I know thats a bit harsh but it is. All those years of hearing nothing but pc games are shit, all pc games are fps games, fps games are shit ollolo. So now some of the biggest console game titles are...halo, killzone, Resistance, Timesplitters, and more. Its ok since these are on the consoles. Yet fps games suck if they're pc games.

And lets not forget the age old retarded I'd rather sit on my large couch with my controller infront of my 50" tv instead of a little monitor using a keyboard on an uncomfortable chair. Seriously. wtf. Thats why console only gamers are given shit.

On a personal note I have issues with the games being dumbed down, like Zach said. Deus Ex is a brilliant example. The second was so dumbed down it was beyond a joke. And dont get me started on Mech Warrior. Fucking nightmares for the rest of my life. I play and like consoles too. Thats the sad thing. But I can point out the advantages of both and enjoy both, unlike someone who only prefers one side. Like say ...Halo for example. Thats perfect. I can stab at a halo whore all week if they try to trash pc games.
It all sound a little bit childish to me.
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Wait.. spider-man is in this?!
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Originally Posted by murray View Post
It all sound a little bit childish to me.
Oh its extremely childish. PC gamers were happy as punch untill their games started to get ported and dumbed down, then the xbox and ps2 gamers started poking at their ribs for some ungodly reason. So they lashed back and we created the playground for idiots.
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