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First Far Cry 2 Details Revealed

Since its announcement, little has been known about Far Cry 2 but, thanks to the latest issue of edge magazine, we now have some more details to share.

Consciously, Far Cry 2 will depart significantly from both Far Cry and Crysis. Far Cry 2 will emphasize on grimy realism. "Don't expect mutants as some surprise later on", said Far Cry 2 producer Lois-Pierre Pharand.

The game will adopt an unusual leveling system. Instead of starting with an ordinary character and leveling up to super-human skills, Far Cry 2 will have you start the game infected with malaria, just like most of the characters in the lawless African country. As you progress, you'll use a "medicine" to "cure" and -in essence - upgrade yourself.

Ubisoft has developed a new game engine called Dunia (Swahili for "World") to render the game. Dunia will be used in all Ubisoft's next-gen projects and will focus on creating a credible environment, and a high level of immersion. "I want the player to feel the grime under his fingernails, the sweat, smell the gun oil" said Far Cry 2's creative director Clint Hocking. "I wanted to create the guns jamming, the dust - the world isn't this clean, sterile, digital representation of Africa".

The game will also utilize an injury system where the player will sometimes be wounded so badly that he'll have to carry out some impromptu field surgery to remove the bullets and patch the wounds. Left untreated, all wounds are fatal but the game will never have you "seriously" wounded more than once every 30 minutes.

Looks like its going to be more advanced when it comes to a real world, over crysis, i hope the dunia engine is not as demanding as the crytek 2 engine, even though they share there similarities.
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Should be in general gaming, this comes out for 360/Ps3 as well.
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there we go.

also theres quite a few clips on the game now, its looking really good
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