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Crysis 1.1 Firmware Update - "Remains Unplayable"

Originally Posted by Kotaku
Crysis Patch Doubles Framerates, Remains Unplayable

Crysis' 1.1 firmware patch was touted to improve framerates across the board, but after TechSpot ran the benchmarks, they've found the update to be a pretty large disappointment...except in the highest end. You know what we're talking about, that 1920x1200 setting that was melting computers and stuff. ATI Crossfire setups saw their framerates nearly double in this range—an amazing feat, until you realize...even after such improvements, not one tested setup is breaking the 30fps playable threshold.

Crysis 1.1 patch performance with Multi-GPU testing [techspot]
Basically, marginal performance improvements at best - even on high-end, SLI/Crossfire-enabled, hardware.

For those of you too lazy to read the TechSpot article, here is a brief excerpt in the "Closing Thoughts" page.

Originally Posted by TechSpot
It would appear that the performance gains promised with this new patch are limited at best. Whatever we expected has been reduced to very specific scenarios, the gains appear to be limited in both DX9 and DX10 rendering modes, while multi-GPU setups remain a non-sense choice if you want to optimize for performance.

The biggest improvement will be seen by those running AMD Radeon graphics cards, particularly the Radeon HD 2900XT which took the largest boost of all when using high quality settings. While GeForce 8800 GT SLI and Radeon HD 3870 Crossfire configurations saw slight performance improvements for the most part those took place in what we call "unplayable territory" which is below the 30fps mark (at higher resolutions such as 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 using the high quality settings).

EDIT: Further post-1.1 benchmarks are available here.
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Is this just a DX10 issue?

My girlfreinds new PC which she payed $900 total for can run it smooth on all High settings. Shes on XP so she cant run DX10, but her game didnt look much different from the screenshots I've seen. At 1600x1050 she was running a good 30 FPS.
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DX10 performance was (generally) slightly worse than DX9 performance.

There's more benchmarks by actual players here. From what I've seen, the performance gains are modest - but an improvement, nonetheless.

It's difficult to draw generalizations, though. As is, a computer's performance is host to large number of variables that extend beyond CPU and memory. So, at best, the benchmarks should only be seen as a rough guide.

It also depends on what frame rate you find acceptable. Some people are fine playing a game at approximately 30fps - others are not.

The game will run fine as long as you're not wanting to play it at HD resolutions with high graphics.
"A lie travels half-way around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots."
-Mark Twain
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IoriYagami n8
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DX10 does hinder performance some, but not to that extent. The main reason Crysis doesn't run as well as other software is the fact that they HEAVILY use shaders, and such things are always very demanding of hardware.

Playing around with the game on my system, when I run it in DX9 mode, I typically get about a 5 fps boost on average. There are drops and spikes depending on what is going on.
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i love the ray lighting in dx10 mode with shaders set to very high, nice..
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