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EA going ahead with System Shock 3?!

On one shore, PC Gamer magazine interviewed Irrational Games' Ken Levine who said, "One of the reasons I wasn't interested [in System Shock 3] is EA just didn't give a sh-t about that game." O RLY? Well, as part of their newfound desire to not make us hate them so much, Electronic Arts is returning to the critically (if not financially) successful franchise without Irrational (who're busy working on System Shock's spiritual successor Bioshock for their new corporate overlords at Take 2).

At least that is according to PC Gamer's UK variant, who suggest in their September issue that the title will be developed by the team responsible for The Godfather.
Ok I'm not too happy about this. Godfather dev team making System Shock 3? Oh sure its not a TRUE SS3 game. Thats what Bioshock is to all the series fans. It makes me a little ill thinking about this though. Maybe I'll be really surprised and they pull out something magic. Or maybeit'll be System Shock GTA'd like Godfather.
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