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Sin and Punishment
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Shadows of Lylat.


Most of us know the Star Fox 2 saga by now. The sequel to the SNES game that started it all was in production and the Japanese version was all but finished when Nintendo decided to pull the plug in favor of creating a game for its new console, the N64. That hasn't stopped the Nintendo loyal from wanting to play the game, and for the last six years, a small group of fans have been working on their own version of a sequel.

The game is called Shadows of Lylat and will likely not be received so well at Nintendo HQ, though that hasn't stopped SOL Team from planning Windows, Mac OS, and Linux releases. If you're skilled in the ways of Code-Fu and want to lend your talents to the project, the team is looking for you! They can't promise you any money, but we're pretty sure you'll get all the disappointment you could ever want when the cease and desist letters start pouring in.

I worry about Nintendo taking this down before it can get out but the creators were clever with the name. So maybe Nintendo wont even notice it unless its changed to StarFox Resort Sports Fun Party Blast: Family Games.
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I tear up cease and desist letters, SO SHOULD THEY!
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Oh no!
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I am sure nintendo is fully aware of this but, due to maybe the name they can't really touch it. They probably have a wait and see and gather all they can on it. I mean if anything this is a good wake up call.
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Prediction: Nintendo sends a cease and desist letter when the game is 99% completed....just like Squaresoft....

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