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PCgamer did a report about this ... pretty interesting. I'll type of some of its 'better' quotes.(alucard if this is what you where quoting this is going to be a shit post)

"In 2005, NPD group market researchers who chart the sales of everthing from shoes to food additives-- reported a 14% decrease in the sale of PC games at retail, year on year. Its important to not that those NPD tallies didn't includ monthly MMO subscriptions, Digital Downloads/distribution, or online 'casual' game, where a huge chunk of the PC gaming action is now taking place. Even so, this year, NPD is singing a differnt tune. Its 2006 numbers showed something worthy of everyone's excitement. Sales of PC games at retail are on the rise. NPD's report concluded that 2006 was a record year for the video game industry overall, which ran up an impressive 13.5 billion in sales. Boxed PC games sold at retail represented 970 million of that total, up more than 9 million from 2005."

I guess the 'NPD group' said they have tried counting in Digital Distribution titles. But i count it as Bullshit

"I remain skepitical, since reps from Valve Software contacted them about tracking steam sales since sometime in 2004."

"PC gaming isn't just alive and well, its thriving"
^ disregard that, I suck Cock.
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