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SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7 Producer Motohiro Okubo Leaving Bandai Namco

So these two series will be dead then?

Click for full size

SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7 Producer Leaving Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7 Producer Motohiro Okubo announced he will be leaving the company. He noted that his last day is August 31, 2021 via Twitter.

In his statement, Motohiro Okubo didnít mention what he will be doing following his work at Bandai Namco as the SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7 producer. He only mentioned he will remain in the industry. His next role will be with a company in Shibuya, Japan starting on September 1, 2021.

Here is Okuboís full statement from Twitter.
Itís been a while, but I will leave Bandai Namco Entertainment on August 31. From tomorrow, I will be working at a game company located in Shibuya. 25 years ago, I joined the former Namco and met various people. I am greatful [sic] to all the people I met.

Especially through SouCalibur VI [sic], I received enourmus [sic] power from players all over the world. Thank you very much.

Iíd like to show various goods I received from everyone, but there are too many! Allow me to show 9 million units cushion, received last week from the development team of Tekken and SoulCalibur!

Once again thank you, thank you and thank you!

And here are the pictures of the two sides of the cushion he mentioned. Tekken 7 passed 7 million copies sold in April 2021, while SoulCalibur VI passed the 2 million mark in July 2021.

Click for full size

Click for full size

The most recent game Okubo produced is Pac-Man 99 for the Nintendo Switch.
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Pretty sure at least tekken will be fine cause Harada runs that show. I just don't know what it means for Soul calibur.
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