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Sonic is getting an animated Netflix show...Netflix accidentally spilled the beans

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Sonic is getting an animated Netflix show...but not anytime soon

Netflix accidentally spilled the beans

If I was a studio bigwig -- a promotion I've been passed over for many times now -- I would've been hesitant to greenlight a Sonic the Hedgehog series before 2020. Then, after the success of the movie, I would've tripped over myself rushing to greenlight it. Being a bigwig means you have to analyze market factors, and the people demand more Sonic in their markets.

Netflix is giving the people what they want. Sega is teaming up with kids' entertainment development companies Wild Brain HQ and Man of Action to create a 3D animated Sonic the Hedgehog show. However, it's at least a year away because it's not expected to premiere until 2022.

Now here's the annoying part (for me, probably not for you). Netflix deleted the tweet shortly after posting. Apparently this announcement was a little premature, a bit too fast if you will. Fortunately, @Wario64 caught a screenshot:

Will it be good? Baby, when it comes to Sonic, the highest highs and the lowest lows are possible. Trainwreck, critically-acclaimed masterpiece, and everything in between -- it's all on the table. Give it a couple years to find out which Sonic we're getting this time.
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