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NEW Magicbox IRC channel and TeamSpeak chat


Since apparently people are having problems with their op status, random names are running amok without repercussion, and rizon locks people out for no apparent reason. At the request of a few members, I went and got a new channel on a new server.

This was a bit of a pain in the ass since I had to register the server's site and wait for an admin to manually authorize the channel. This site is specifically for hosting irc channels related to gaming.

Respectively, all previous active ops (you chumps know who you are) will receive directions on how to OP themselves upon entering the chat.

This chat now uses a ChanServ manager bot in the channel, get used to him, he's our new robot pal.

Anyone who wants to comment, approve, or object to this decision post in this thread.


-Please try to join the channel with your forum name or a name very similar so as not to cause confusion. I'm increasing the security on this channel greatly compared to it's previous incarnation.


Founder: SuperAngelo64
Some people have been having trouble with that server^. Here's a list of others you can try
CHANNEL NAME: #the-magicbox

Attached is a .rar with a shortcut to the channel for nubs.

Founder: -
Channel name: -
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