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Spider-Man is the fastest-selling game of the year so far, New Game Plus update comin

I heard the reviews were not as good as God of War.

Spider-Man PS4 is the fastest-selling game of the year so far

The net sales are amazing.

PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man has sold brilliantly. The web-swinging Avenger shifted more copies in his launch week than any other game this year so far.

In fact, UK numbers company Chart-Track reported it is the fastest-selling individual format release since the PS4 version of Call of Duty: WW2 last November.

That means ol' Spidey sold more than fellow PS4 exclusives God of War, Detroit and Yakuza 6, and more than any other exclusive on any other platform.

The records don't stop there. Spider-Man is not only the fastest-selling Spider-Man game ever, it is now the fastest-selling Marvel-branded video game ever. The previous record holder, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, was beaten by a wide margin.

(DC fans, don't worry - Batman: Arkham Knight holds the record for the fastest-selling comic book hero game release this console generation, Eurogamer sister site worked out.)
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Last week's other new releases were Dragon Quest 11, which made the chart's second spot, and Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken, which arrived in eighth.

The full top 10 lies below:
  1. Spider-Man
  2. Dragon Quest 11
  3. GTA5
  4. F1 2018
  5. Crash Trilogy
  6. PES 2019
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  8. Destiny 2: Forsaken
  9. PUBG
  10. Lego The Incredibles


Spider-Man is getting a New Game Plus update

Spinning it out.

Spider-Man has been out for a mere five days, but many enthusiasts have already speedily completed the game and are hungry for more. These fans will soon be able to swing back into the action with some new challenges, as Insomniac has announced a New Game Plus update is in the pipelines.

The news spread across the web after Insomniac replied to a fan question on Twitter. There isn't a solid release date, but it sounds like it's currently in the final stages of production.

New Game Plus modes typically provide extra challenges to give games added replayability. God of War's recent New Game Plus update, for instance, made end-game weapons available from the start, but enemies more challenging to deal with from the get-go. We don't yet know exactly what Insomniac has in store for Spider-Man's new game update, but it's likely to be along these lines. One thing is certain: if you found your first playthrough to be a walk in the park(er), the New Game Plus mode will provide something different for your second playthrough.

This latest announcement comes in the wake of recent news that Spider-Man is the fastest-selling game of the year so far in the UK. With the New Game Plus mode on its way, it seems Spider-Man is set to stay in the limelight for some time to come.
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Don't pay attention to the reviews. SOME reviews are actually negative cause.... Spider-man helps and saves cops in it...……. Not joking.

But, having said that, the game isn't the best Spider-man game, that still goes to the Sega Genesis Spider-man!

Wallcrawling in the game SUCKS! they didn't focus on it at all. There are plenty of spots where Spider-man won't even crawl over it, for example, some spots he won't go from the wall to the ceiling and just does this stuck in spot crawling in slow motion. Could be a bug, but that's just bad.

They tried to much to make it like batman Arkham games, that they actually made it horrible at trying to copy it. In batman, you always had to change your gear and use them and do different styles of fighting to do big combos... this one, is just pay attention to dodging and spam square. Just the same combo over and over again. There are different moves, you don't need to do them at all. Better to knock them in the air and do a combo, melee goes won't attack you, so you only need to worry about guys with guns.

Just some of my complaints about the game. I still really like the game, certain things just disappoint me about it since it looks like Sony rushed it out and they weren't done. You can find tons of bug memes from the game online. like Spider-man falling into the water.... while rolling on top of it and people in the street taking off into the sky for no reason. lol

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