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PS5 "one of the most revolutionary, inspired consoles ever designed", Ready at Dawn

So there's still some unannounced functions giving PS5 an edge over XBSX?

PS5 "one of the most revolutionary, inspired home consoles ever designed", says The Order: 1886 developer

The Founder of Ready At Dawn studios shares their thoughts on Sony's next-gen console

PS5 is "one of the most revolutionary, inspired home consoles ever designed", according to The Order: 1886 developer Andrea Pessino.

Pessino took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the console just after the Road to PS5 reveal event, where Mark Cerny did an hour-long presentation into the specs of the hardware of Sony's next-gen console. The showcase was intended to be shown at GDC 2020 with a developer perspective in mind. As such, it was a very spec and diagram heavy event, which many found to be pretty confusing. Pessino went on to say that we'll all "feel silly for having spent energy arguing about teraflops and similarly misunderstood specs" after the console launches.

As the founder of Ready At Dawn Studios, Pessino worked on The Order: 1886, which was a PS4 exclusive title published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was lauded for its detailed graphics and was one of the first games to really show off what the PS4 was capable of. At the beginning of the year, leaked teases began to circulate that suggested an Order: 1886 sequel was in the works and is said to be coming to both the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

Pessino isn't the first developer to share their thoughts on the PS5 and its specs. Developers from Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Gearbox, and more expressed their thoughts on the innards of PS5's hardware, with everything from what they thought about the SSD to using a teraflop as a unit of measurement.

Some of the PS5's best features allegedly also haven't been shown off in great detail yet. This is backed up by recent comments on the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, where journalist Jason Schreier said developers he's talked to have said, "The PS5 is so superior in all these other ways that they're not actually able to message right now, or can't talk about right now" ... "The PS5 is actually the superior piece of hardware in a lot of different ways despite what we're seeing in these spec sheets." The revolutionary Tempest Engine, for example, will be able to produce 3D audio that far surpasses even Dolby Atmos.
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Well, that's the thing. We won't know the difference until we see the games.

We know for sure that the PS5 will load much faster and has better sound capabilities. This means that games that work for it will see loading screens on X1 and PC.
In terms of FPS i was expecting the XBSX to do better, but can't be sure until i see it. The PS5 hardware is so custom and efficient that it might very well be able to keep up.

Devs are appropriately very happy with the SSD cause it means they can cut on a lot of development time optimizing the game for load times.

The thing about hardware is that is as good as it's worst component. The one that creates the bottleneck. The PS5 has custom components to not be easily bottle necked, but i don't know enough about hardware to say where that will be on the XBSX to know where the critical point is.

The proof is in the pudding. Can't wait to see the games.
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I wonder how reliable that SSD is. They are only good for a limited amount of writes. If you play a lot of games, that fast speed could slow down and your games will start chugging. I hope they make it easily replacable.
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I don't think that will be a big problem. 95% of it's use will be reads I would imagine.
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