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The Switch is three years old today: what are your best memories with it?

Which Switch games I spent the most time with? Probably Pokemon Let's go Pikachu and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Haven't spent much time on the Switch lately, too many choices out there, don't know what to play next.

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The Switch is three years old today: what are your best memories with it?

I'm making new ones with the Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on March 3, 2017. Feel old yet?

Let's do a quick recap. While Japan was ready to buy in immediately given its penchant for mobile gaming, the rest of the world was in wait and see mode. The Wii U had done extremely poorly for Nintendo, but when the Switch actually arrived and Breath of the Wild broke the internet, the floodgates were opened. Studios everywhere started rushing to bring their games to the Switch, and after roughly a year, the eShop had a regular release cadence of 20-30 games per week.

Nintendo would bolster their system first-hand with several heavy-hitting games, like the 22 million-selling Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as well as the 16.5 million seller Mario Odyssey and the 9.8 million Splatoon 2, all of which came in the year of the hardware's release in 2017. The Switch got a huge push in 2018 thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which is now the best-selling fighter of all-time), as well as the 11 million plus selling pair of Pokemon: Let's Go games.

In 2019 hardware sales kept going up, helped by huge sellers like Pokemon Sword and Shield, the continued sales of Smash Ultimate, and the Switch Lite. In early 2020, Nintendo reported that the Switch had sold 52.48 million units, surpassing the SNES' 49.10 million.

I've had such a great time with the Switch that I bought another one for my wife, which we use to play Splatoon and other games together. If our kid was old enough, we'd probably buy one for her too. It's a great little family system that's also finally getting some form of port parity, with studios like Panic Button and Saber Interactive stepping up to deliver games like Doom Eternal and Witcher 3 to Nintendo systems for the first time.

Well, that was your history lesson: take the time to reminiscence to your heart's content!
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Can i troll? Can i?

My best memory is not buying one! XD

Okok, just joking. But yeah, i didnt buy one. I usually skip one gen with nintendo systems, but i would say the ps4 was so dominant in quantity and quality that i didnt feel the need to get anything else.

Also, i don't like what they did to the fire emblem series and that used to be a motivator.
But hey, theres a few things to like for those that want to. I do feel sorry i missed xenoblade 2.
They never ported or announced a sequel to Xeno X either. That would probably motivate me. Loved Xenoblade X and it finished with a cliffhanger of sorts.
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I like the system a lot, mostly cause I love handhelds. Being able to play anywhere at any time has been great for me, mostly cause since being in a Greek family.... and parents forcing me to work, I never had a lot of free time except when it wasn't busy at our restaurant, so I played my Gameboys/DS/PSP during that time. My dad used to take it away when I was playing it but when I got older, I stood up to him more, saying, YO POPS! I DIDS MY WORK! I'M ALL CAUGHT UP! LEAVE ME BE, YO! STEP OFF, B!
Then we got into a jolly good game of fisticuffs! POW BANG! SMASH!

AHhh the memories.
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waiting three years for animal crossing is definitely up there.
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Woah, Nindalf is alive?

I got my Switch in HK, only because I was working and could afford it. Thankfully I didn't have to beat my family to play it, like Spider.
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Originally Posted by Einhander View Post
Woah, Nindalf is alive?
i'm not. the coronavirus got me, but my ghost has come back to haunt this forum because of the wrongs i suffered here.
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