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Train passenger arrested for licking his fingers and wiping them over pole on subway

Bring your own disinfection wipes when riding trains and buses

Train passenger in coronavirus mask arrested for licking his fingers and wiping them over pole on Belgium subway

A SUBWAY passenger has been filmed tugging off his coronavirus mask, licking his fingers, and then wiping his mucus on a carriage pole.

The entire train had to be taken out of service and disinfected after this disgusting act was brought to the attention of staff.

Click for full size

Click for full size

Click for full size

The unsettling video of the potentially infected young man, who is holding a beer, shows him remove his mask and starts licking and chewing on his fingers.

Then he grabs and strokes the pole in front of him, really making a point of wiping his phlegm all over it in the middle of the busy subway carriage.

The currently unnamed passenger was arrested by Belgian police on Saturday as the incident went viral.

The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, who run the Brussels metro, tweeted shortly after the event to reassure the Belgium public: "Our metros are cleaned every day.

"The man (intoxicated) was arrested by the police and our security service.

"The subway train was withdrawn from service to be disinfected."
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ooook. lol Best part is how dirty that pole is and he is putting his hands back in his mouth.
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Put him to death
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