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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's first DLC arrives next month and more

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's first DLC arrives next month

I'm still poking around in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I have all the secret characters and most of the Infinity [Challenge] rooms completed, but it's fun to try and mess around with fighters I haven't played yet and recruit new players into the fold.

I'll be doing a lot more than just occasionally jumping back in by the end of September though, as Nintendo of Europe has announced that the first DLC pack, The Curse of the Vampire, arrives on September 30. Note that this is part of the required season pass (no piecemeal purchases here), but you've probably had enough time to decide if you dig the game or not and want more.

DLC Pack 1 centers around Marvel Knights, a saga that heavily features The Punisher. Joining him will be Daywalker Blade (who is returning in MCU form in a few years), living vampire Morbius (who is now relevant in the film world with a Jared Leto production in the works), Moon Knight (who really needs to be in a film at some point). Note that this is the first clear time we've had a look at the in-game models for each character and not just concept art: Blade looks on point!

As a reminder, paid DLC packs include story missions, new characters (the standard seems to be four), and additional challenge rooms/modes. Colossus and Cyclops are coming as free DLC on August 30 (they're already in the game, just not playable), and two more paid DLCs are coming in the future, based on the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. Here's a full updated breakdown!

Free DLC:
  • Black Bolt (leaked, expected as free DLC)
  • Cyclops (August 30)
  • Colossus (August 30)
  • Medusa (leaked, expected as free DLC)
  • Valkyrie (leaked, expected as free DLC)
  • Vision (leaked, expected as free DLC)

Paid DLC:
  • Blade (Marvel Knights)
  • Moon Knight (Marvel Knights)
  • Morbius (Marvel Knights)
  • Punisher (Marvel Knights)

In-game non-playable ally characters that are likely to end up as free or paid DLC:
  • Beast
  • Jessica Jones
  • Juggernaut
  • Mystique
  • Thane
  • Winter Soldier
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at least characters I like. I still need to finish it, too many games to finish that I'm actually selling games instead of finishing them, I figured, if I didn't finish them years ago, means I don't give a shit, so out it goes!
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It's coming to late, most people probably finished the game by now.

It looks like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is getting free costume DLC through 2020

As a reminder Cyclops and Colossus are coming soon for free too

Over the past few days, eagled-eyed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 fans have spotted a bit of info on the Japanese landing page for the site, and it's good news. Here's the key passage (translated): "From now on, different version costumes for all playable characters will be distributed free of charge until early 2020."

Now we already knew that Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Hulk were getting free costume DLC soon, but this updated notation seems to suggest that the powers that be will continue that train for the next six months or so. That's not including the datamined additions of Black Bolt, Medusa, Valkyrie, and Vision as free (potential) DLC. As far as confirmed stuff goes, as a reminder, Cyclops and Colossus arrive on August 30 as free DLC, with Blade, Moon Knight, Morbius, and Punisher debuting in the first paid DLC pack on September 30. Here's a full list of upcoming releases.

A lot has been happening in the Marvel world lately, with the announcement of the Marvel Champions LCG (a co-op card game that features heroes that were in Ultimate Alliance 3, with the exception of She-Hulk) and the news that the deal between Disney and Sony fell through for Spidey.
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