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PUBG Hits 8 Million Players On Xbox One, New Console Bundle Announced

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PUBG Hits 8 Million Players On Xbox One, New Console Bundle Announced
PUBG continues to grow on Xbox One.

While much of the discussion in the battle royale space is on Fortnite these days, PUBG is still growing. The game has now crossed 8 million players on Xbox One, Microsoft announced. The game launched on Xbox One's Game Preview program back in December, and Microsoft's Major Nelson said in a blog post that it's been "one of the most popular games" across Xbox One since then, though he did not share any specifics about that claim.

PUBG is still in an unfinished state on Xbox One, whereas the PC edition launched its 1.0 version back in December. The game is only available on console on Xbox One thanks to a timed exclusivity deal between Microsoft and PUBG Corp. Versions of the game for other popular platforms like PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch could come later.

PUBG has not necessarily sold 8 million copies on Xbox One, however, as Microsoft has offered free play periods for the game over the past few months. Whatever the case, it's clear the game is supremely popular, so it's no surprise that Microsoft also announced a new Xbox One X bundle for the game.

Available now at retailers is a PUBG Xbox One X bundle that comes with the 1 TB system and a copy of the game, which is among the titles enhanced for the console. You also get a 1-month Xbox Game Pass trial and a 1-month Xbox Live Gold trial. Everything else you need to get set up, including a wireless controller, is also included in the package. The bundle retails for $500 at retailers, which is the same price as the standard package.

Microsoft also announced a new $300 Xbox One S Minecraft bundle that comes with a code for the game and the Explorer's Pack that includes various extras. You also get access to Minecraft: Story Mode - The Complete Adventure, along with a 1-month Xbox Game Pass trial and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial. In the US, the system is only available at the Microsoft Store and Walmart.
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They shouldn't even sell the S any more.
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Can someone check on that bot please? I'm worried he had a stroke.
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LOL stupid bot.
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