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Completely everything to do with. You're saying you cant say you wont enjoy a game unless you have specifically played it, regardless of if the game fits in the criteria you yourself make for games you will enjoy. Watching Syndicate for an hour, it looked trashy to me. I dont see exactly how playing it will change that opinion. Its no different to em uploading these trailers here and saying WILL YOU PLAY THEM?


Examples of good games you may or may not have played before. After watching the trailers of the ones youhavent played, would you play them? If not why not? You dont know if its bad unless you play it. They're all great games where majority of the people who have played them love the games, so you're basically obligated to play these before you can say anything.

Also if Vampire Bloodlines was a recent game coming for Xbox, all you whores who havent touched it would be lining up to play it straight away.
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