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Rumor: Microsoft first party titles are coming to Switch

If that's the case, what's the point of getting a Xbox One or even the next gen Xbox?

Rumor: Microsoft and Nintendo collaborating to bring Xbox Game Pass and select first-party titles to Switch

Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead on the way?

Several rumors have surfaced recently of a collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo to bring Xbox Game Pass and select first-party titles to Switch.

According to JeuxVideo, Microsoft and Nintendo executives have been having regular meetings, and while their conversations are not quite finished, several decisions have already been made, including the release of both Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead for Switch.

The website further states that one of Microsoft’s three bigger franchises—Forza, Gears of War, or Halo—is also being considered for Switch, though in what form is unknown (port of a current generation title, port of an Xbox 360 title, exclusive spin-off, etc.).

Xbox Game Pass and by extension the Project xCloud game streaming platform will reportedly be accessible to Switch players later this year. This would let Switch access the Xbox Game Pass lineup of titles through cloud streaming.

Direct Feed Gaming also reported yesterday that Microsoft is bringing Ori and the Blind Forest and Xbox Game Pass to Switch.

Game Informer sources have suggested that the announcement of Xbox Game Pass for Switch could come as soon as this year.

Thurrott reported today that Microsoft is trying to expand where Xbox Game Pass is available, including Switch. While it could not explicitly confirm whether the service would come to Switch, it did say that Microsoft is planning substantial Xbox Game Pass announcements for E3 2019.

And Windows Central reported that it has heard for almost a year that Microsoft has been aiming to bring Xbox Game Pass to Switch, and even PlayStation 4. It also heard that games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead are coming to Switch and may be used as test subjects for the new Xbox Live SDK for third-party developers, which will facilitate Xbox Live services on Switch and mobile devices.

Gematsu has also heard that a Switch version of Ori and the Blind Forest has appeared in at least one United Kingdom wholesale database under the distribution of THQ Nordic, which has worked with Microsoft in the past to publish PC titles on Steam.

Remember: until anything is officially announced, consider everything reported on this subject nothing more than a rumor.
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Microsoft have probably seen the research indicating the Switch is being bought in addition, not in place of, the other two consoles.
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Seems pretty smart if they make it work well. Building a friendly working relationship with Nintendo could be a real problem for Sony going forward if they don't adapt.
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Theres no way it's the AAA ones cause the switch can't run them. So, probably only the smaller scale ones and Xbox1 backwards. Not sure it can even run 360 backwards comp.
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It's would be like the situation with sega way years back where they licensed their games on other consoles of course minus the financial crisis that sega had in their mid hardware times.

This last years microsoft has been more interested in expanding services than focus in their consoles and gives the impression that they're leaving it as completely optional as seen with the xbox play anywhere program and the supposed digital only xbox one that they have yet to launch.

Cuphead makes a lot of sense on switch.
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