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Paper exe
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Kirby's Block Ball~GB-Block Ball

Here's your Kirby review freeman. First of all I will like to say that this is my first review that has pictures I toke by my self in it! I will post 4 pictures in this review, so that the Mod Joe cannot say that I ripped off his idea! (Which I did not)
Knowing that each member either support it or said nothing shows that they think the pictures that I toke are fantastic and they don't mind it not being in a high quality one pit. (This is really the best I could do, thought)
Kirby have had a lot of games and this is one of the five Original GB games. It is a block ball game, but still one of the best.
Because of the fact that this genre already died or companies rarely make games in that genre, made this game value go sky rocket!

Unlike other games in the same genre, this game don't have very similar stages neither it is as hard as these other games. Thinking about it, games like this make me thankful that Kirby games are made to be applied to all people. I, like a lot of people don't like this genre and do think that most of the games are too repetitive and fast for us. This game fixes both problems: For one, Kirby (in other word the ball) is slow, so that you can keep track of it and be more applying to people. Second, each level is different. I cannot say that they are perfect, but done the job right. The game control is easy, the trampoline may be small, but you can still manipulate the ball easily.
Another good part about the game is that there are no time limits!

This picture may not be in good quality, but I still think that guy coolness made this picture deserves to be posted!

This game is simply about having to manipulate the ball using a platform to make the ball hit all blocks to destroy them all. It is kind of like pinball, but with more depth and more enjoyable and have more room for improvement and less famous!
This game replaces a silver ball or a fire ball to a pink guy and replaces an Air Ship or a platform to a trampoline!
The goal is to destroy all the blocks in the screen to go to the next level. There are some different kind of blocks like white, gray, metal, small, big, and wide to destroy, some need two hits and some get destroyed just after being hit!
This game unlike other has two trampolines, one is up and the other is down and on some levels there are two extra trampolines, one on the left and the other on the right. Pressing left and right controls the down and up trampolines and Up/down controls the side ways trampolines.
If you press A button all the trampolines will be a little bigger for a second. If you timed the landing right, Kirby will be bigger and faster and can destroy blocks by one hit and also destroy metal blocks. (Don't worry a 6 year old can easily time it right)
Off course there are copy abilities, they are very well though of, but there are only four of them. Just touch the enemy and he will die and you will get his ability. Some enemies don't have any abilities, instead they drop food (Score) or an item. Note that Food and items will disappear after a while if you did not take them fast.
There are hidden stars in parts of the stages, if you found them and then ride them you can chose to play one of the four mini games. They aren't easy that for sure. You can get from 0 to 3 lives there. Note that the lives are only useful in the stage where you got them, because after finishing it the extra lives will be like extra score, which means your lives will still be 4 in the next stage!

This is how Stage 4-3 originally looks! I think this picture that I toke is clear enough. I am very proud of my talent!

In the final part of the stage, you need to kill the enemy then he will drop a star then that star will send you to the boss of the stage. The Boss battle is very fun each one of them is unique and challenging. If your trampoline got hitting in the boss fight it will turn in to a tiny star!
There are 10 in good size stages and in the end of each one of them you have to beat the boss. The game get more challenging and more stuff get introduced in each level like a new item or new copy ability. That made the game has a lot of variety.
You can only see the complete ending after bricking the high score in each stage and that is the only side quest in the game. Being for the GB it is a bliss that it actually has something to do other then finishing the game or getting a high scores that has nothing to do other then having your name on the left!

It is strange when playing this game on GBC, GBA etc the colors looks somewhat right. Note Kirby and the background colors are perfectly right. Most games mostly end up with random colors.

The sprites like what you can see in the pictures looks great and with a lot of details. The animations are good for a GB game. The backgrounds in all stages are plan white, only boss fights have different background. Why not use the different Boss background in each stage? Anything is surly better then nothing.
The sound effect is the same old traditional Kirby sound effect, which is charming and nice. The quality is good.
The Soundtrack is like what expected from any Kirby game. Happy and cheerful music, it fit just right in the game and there are some nice tones and the other music isn?t bad either.
Just to clear something up. The game difficulty is Medium, it isn't easy or hard.

Each time you beat a boss, a start will send you to a dancing stage just so that Kirby and his brothers dances. After finishing dancing, a star will come back to return Kirby to the world map.o_0

Gameplay (7/10)
Graphics (7/10)
Sound (8/10)
Length (7/10)
Kirby's Block Ball (29/40)

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