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Koei Tecmo Wants Your Feedback to Help Develop Future Dynasty Warriors Titles

Go back to its roots, remake Dynasty Warriors 2 & 3, the new ones suck because when you hit an enemy it's like cutting through paper dolls with no weight, feels so unreal.

I heard many people wanted the two PSP dynasty warriors Strikeforce games remaster/remake on current console.

Click for full size

Koei Tecmo Wants Your Feedback to Help Develop Future Dynasty Warriors Titles

Dynasty Warriors Series 20th annviersary Survey for fan feedback

With Dynasty Warriors’ 20th anniversary approaching, Koei Tecmo wants to hear fan feedback that will be used to develop future titles from the series.

Fans can share their feedback by partaking in the Dynasty Warriors Series Survey. The survey will be available until July 26, 2020. Those who participate will also receive a special wallpaper after completing the survey.

As for the survey, it has a little over 20 questions starting with info about the player and the devices they own. It asks about Dynasty Warriors titles played, what they like about the series, and their favorite entries. Towards the end at question #19, it asks “Will you buy the latest release of the Dynasty Warriors series?” The next question asks for reasons for those who chose “probably not” or “absolutely not.” Then another follow-up at #21 asking those who selected “Tired of the Dynasty Warriors series” to elaborate on their reason.

The latest main-numbered entry in Dynasty Warriors 9 received mostly mixed to average reviews across all platforms and regions, so it appears that Koei Tecmo wants to do a better job going into the next entry.

Speaking of next entry, a new Dynasty Warriors project is in the works for 2020. We haven’t heard much about it since its announcement earlier this year, but with the 20th anniversary approaching on August 3, 2020, we can expect to hear a little something from Koei Tecmo.

Shin Sangokumusou (Dynasty Warriors 2) first released for the PlayStation 2 in August 2000.
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I had already answered. I do like dynasty warriors 2 and 3, but i think 8 was good too. I just want more of that. Bigger stages but no open world and more moves.

But, that survey doesn't really let you say that. I don't think they can get any decent information with it.
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