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Atelier Ryza Sales Figures Pass 350,000, close to be the Best Selling Atelier game

Is this mostly because of the Ryza's thighs?

Click for full size

Atelier Ryza Sales Figures Pass 350,000, Bringing It Closer to Being the Best Selling Atelier Game

Atelier Ryza sales figures continue to pick up. Koei Tecmo recently reported its third quarter sales results, offering an updated number for this installment’s total sales. It has hit 350,000 copies sold. This seems like it will easily become the best selling entry in Gust’s Atelier series. [Thanks, Takashi Mochizuki (1), (2)!]

When announcing the Atelier Ryza sales totals so far, Koei Tecmo noted that there is one installment ahead of it. Atelier Sophie, the first entry in the Mysterious Trilogy, hit 370,000 to become the series’ best seller. Considering it first debuted in Japan in 2015, that gives Atelier Ryza plenty of time to take its position.

If Atelier Ryza does become the best selling Atelier installment, which seems likely, that means it will have earned two sales records for the series. Back in September 2019, it ended up having the strongest launch sales in the series history and sold 150,000 copies in Japan. To compare, over 68,000 copies of Atelier Sophie were sold in Japan within its launch window.

Atelier Ryza has received quite a bit of support as of late, providing more reasons for people to either buy or return to it. It received an update with Photo Mode in November 2019, swimsuit DLC, and over 350 BGM songs.

Atelier Ryza is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.
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