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Valve wasted all thier money on Steam.
A almost completely useless streaming content program.
Which , as far as i know , has been in beta for a very extended period of time, and is as good as defunct.
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Originally posted by Renegade X

And you can't tell me you didn't have a blast with the previous Dooms and Quakes, Save Quake III.
oh i did, but Carmack hasn't delivered in single player gameplay since quake II, while I agree was damn fun, it was extremely simple, shoot, and open doors.
IMO, Carmack does an excellent job creating game engines (quake III), but the last good single player game from iD was over 6 years ago (I believe, quake II). I think iD might just be a bit rusty when creating a good single player game. We'll see when doom 3 comes out. At least the doom 3 engine will be available for other developers to use well (aka Wolfenstein, Jedi Knight, Medal of Honor).

For some humor about DNF, here is a small quote and pic from an article written November, 1999!.
"It's been so long since we've seen anything on Duke Nukem Forever that it started to replace "Daikatana" and "Prey" as the butt of some one liner jokes in the community."
The sad part is that the graphics still look pretty damn good.
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