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Switch hits 34.47 million units sold worldwide, officially putting it above the N64

Basically this IS the replacement of 3DS not Wii U.

Switch hits 34.47 million units sold worldwide, officially putting it above the Nintendo 64

The Wii U only capped at 13.56 million

The last time we left the Nintendo Switch, it was floating in the orbit of the Nintendo 64's 32.93 million lifetime sales: now, it has officially surpassed them thanks to a new financial report from Nintendo last night.

According to the publisher, the Switch is now at 34.47 million units sold worldwide. That puts the system in 15th place overall in a combined list of portables and home consoles: all it needs to do next is surpass the roughly 40 million Xbox Ones out in the wild (because remember, Microsoft stopped reporting how many Xbox One units were sold at one point in favor of giving us Xbox Live information), then it has a bigger hill to climb as it takes on the SNES, NES, and 3DS.

It's exciting to have competition again! By comparison, the Wii U hit 13.56 million units sold in its lifetime from 2012 to 2017. The Switch has only been around for just over two years and it's nearly tripled that.
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I'm thinking of getting rid of my Wii U. Don't see a point in it anymore, since most of the good games are on the switch. Going to finish some of the games I need to play on it and then it's gone.
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