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Rumour: PS5 Is More Powerful Than Project Scarlett Corroborated by Colin Moriarty

How does that stack up against Google's Stadia?

Rumour: Word That PS5 Is More Powerful Than Project Scarlett Corroborated by Colin Moriarty

During the course of E3 2019, some hearsay from well-connected folks called into question whether Microsoft's Project Scarlett will measure up to PlayStation 5. Game Informer's Andrew Reiner was found to be spreading word that Sony's next-gen machine will be the more powerful of the two, and now, Colin Moriarty is claiming to have heard the same thing.

On his PlayStation-centric podcast, Sacred Symbols, Moriarty says that he's also heard this through the grapevine. Apparently, developers with access to both next-gen boxes are drawing the conclusion that the PS5 is more powerful.

It's obviously impossible to tell at this stage whether this will be the case, but we now have more than one person with industry insight claiming to have heard the same thing. To be clear, Moriarty says he doesn't know if it's true -- it's just the word on the street. The reality is that the two consoles will likely be very similar in terms of power; we know they'll have similar features, like an SSD and the ability to run ray-tracing.

Do you think the PS5 is going to best Project Scarlett in terms of power?
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Isn't stadia a streaming service? It compares terribly cause it's got extra lag baked in.

As for the power... lol. Here comes the last minute Xbox addition as usual, and the a Scarlett X and a PS5 pro so we can continue this power dance until people realise the difference is hardly noticeable unless you are playing 8k or something.
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