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The Nintendo 3DS Release Schedule Has Officially Wrapped Up. What Are Your Favorites?

The game that I played the most was Fire Emblem Fates, spent so many hours on it, but surprising I skipped the next one Fire Emblem Echoes, maybe played too much of it. Pokemon Sun/Moon was a waste, it was out around the craziness of Pokemon Go, I bought it but haven't really spent a lot of time on it, it was too much grinding and repetitive for me.

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The Nintendo 3DS Release Schedule Has Officially Wrapped Up – What Are Your Favorite Games?

It seems that the Nintendo 3DS’ life is finally coming to an end, as Nintendo’s Japanese website no longer lists any upcoming games for the system, first-party or otherwise. Furthermore, Nintendo 3DS is completely whited out as an option to sort by.

This comes after previous statements by Nintendo that they have nothing new to announce for the 3DS first-party wise, although they did confirm some third-party software back then. It seems that even that well has now dried up. As for the game to hold the title of being the final Nintendo 3DS physical game release, it is Daisenryaku: Dai Toua Koubushi DX ~Dai Ni-ji Sekai Taisen~, an upgraded version of a strategy game previously released on 3DS.

What are your favorite games on the plucky handheld that lasted nearly 8.5 years?

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Hmm... Ace attourney 5 was a highlight for me.

Let's see... Tales of the abyss cause i had never played it on ps2 and it's a great rpg.

I would like to say Ocarina 3D. It was a nice remaster and still a good game. Kingdom hearts 3D was pretty decent too. Resident evil revelations was pretty good too.
Oh pokemon saphire/ruby was a highlight too.

Huh... thinking about it... it wasn't an amazing system. Though i still have a pair of dragon quest games to play.
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I can't really say. I still have a huge pile of 3DS games that I need to play in my backlog, lol.
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