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Scan this code for some quick My Nintendo Platinum for physical rewards

Click for full size

Scan this code for some quick My Nintendo Platinum for physical rewards

Normally found on the Switch news reel

If you're anything like me, your Switch news feed is a complete mess.

I have multiple accounts from multiple regions logged in, which displays news from all over the world in an extremely spammy fashion. Not exactly conducive for finding the needle-in-a-haystack QR code that's needed to net 100 Platinum Points, and clear a new Mario mission!

Or, you can just grab your phone and scan the QR code below that we found for you. It'll queue up a browser page that will complete the mission (if you're logged in) and net you the points. Easy! If you want to look for it yourself, you can also get a glimpse at what to find below.

If you use My Nintendo, scanning this code is two-fold in terms of rewards. You're getting the aforementioned platinum for rewards, as I mentioned earlier, and you're completing one Mario mission. Remember, you need 14 of them (and the "buy Bowser's Fury" mission) to get the new pin set.

Comprehensive guide for earning points:
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