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I'm already loving the new combat flow in Monster Hunter Rise

Click for full size

I'm already loving the new combat flow in Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom highlighted the Great Sword in this Switch gameplay

Are you ready to surrender your Nintendo Switch to Monster Hunter Rise in March? I sure am. The Great Sword isn't my weapon of choice, but I'm loving this six-minute gameplay demonstration from Capcom.

Between the fast, fluid, and very vertical movement, the more open-ended levels, and the ability to fling yourself onto a monster with the Wirebug (and the ensuing ripple effect that it will have on the flow of combat), Rise is appealing to me as a World fan who only ever dabbled in the old Monster Hunter style.

As the narrator in the video notes, the Wirebug-assisted weapon attacks are powerful in the right hands, but players will need to carefully manage their cooldowns. Efficiency is the name of the game.

I hope we get a highlight reel for every weapon.
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