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Like I mentioned before ram is extremely cheap. Theres really no reason why you cant go 8gb instead of 4. Having enough and having more then enough pretty much lets you decide what you can and cant do with your system. For example running games and recording with fraps. You'll find that works better with 8gb. I play with my games in window mode so I can keep an eye on my chat programs and other things so 8gb is good for me during that. Some games and programs at times have memory leaks which can screw you. I remember firefox being a right slut of a whore and killing my system if opened too long when I had 4gb. With 8 I've never had my pc suddenly grind to a halt because of that shit program. You basically get more leeway when working with your system. I mean the purpose of a pc isnt just load game, play game, turn off. You do so much with it and everyones different with what they do. I mean whats the difference in price from 4 to 8? Like $20?
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