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Sony clarifies which PS4 accessories will and will not work on PS5

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Sony clarifies which PS4 accessories will and will not work on PS5

'The DualShock 4...will work with supported PS4 games'

Here we go ladies and gentlemen: the next generation! Ready? Wait, we don't have pricing and even date info yet? Not even a month-based window? Okay fine, here's some info on how accessories will work.

As detailed today on the PlayStation Blog, Sony is ready to talk about what hardware will transfer to the PlayStation 5. Let's start with what will work from PS4-to-PS5: Specialty peripherals, such as officially licensed racing wheels, arcade sticks, and flight stick, the Platinum and Gold wireless headsets, the PlayStation camera, PS Move and PS Aim Controllers (wow I'm surprised they acknowledged it exists!) and the DualShock 4 for supported PS4 games.

That last bit is very important. Although it seems like "speciality peripherals" are going to work with the new generation, the PS4 DualShock is a very special case. Sony clarifies that while the PS4 controller will technically work on the PS5 for "supported PS4 games," as a whole, it cannot be used on PS5 games, which are being built with the DualSense in mind.

As a bit of extra clarification, Sony says that "not all" peripherals will work (that much is obvious but may as well get it out of the way), and that the PlayStation Camera will be supported by way of a PlayStation Camera adapter, which "will be provided at no additional cost to PS VR users." That info is coming "at a later date."

Is that the same "later date" we're getting pricing and PS5 release info?
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They need to stop with Controller gimmicks! NOBODY USES THEMMMMMMMMM!
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