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What Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai Thinks Of The PlayStation 5

I heard the demand of PS5 is not high in Japan, you can easily get one over there by now.

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What Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai Thinks Of The PlayStation 5

“I was able to snag a PS5 on launch day!” Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai begins in his latest Weekly Famitsu column. He was fortunate enough to get a pre-order at a chain retailer, noting that the supply outweighed the demand and that it seems he was quite lucky.

None of this should be surprising, because here’s a guy who once made “Xbox” trend on Japanese Twitter.

“First of all,” Sakurai says, “it’s a big console.” It most certainly is! This is the biggest PlayStation to date. Sakurai, however, felt the design was “cutting edge.” According to the game creator, his deadline for the column was even extended just so he could write his impressions.

“I am able to put it [the PS5] on the shelf under the TV, but thinking about the heat it puts out, I ended up placing it behind my well-ventilated television.” Sakurai, no doubt, is not alone. Previously, he showed off his TV and game console set up, so just imagine the PlayStation 5 carefully placed in the back.

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“Using [the console], I thought every action was quick and nimble,” he adds. “Even when loading, depending on the situation, it was surprisingly speedy. The feeling of this rhythm was wonderful.”

Sakurai was pleased about the PlayStation 5's backward compatibility with PS4 games. “At launch, there aren’t many games, but I could download [PS4] game after [PS4] game,” he wrote. “Not slowing down, the first game I actually played on the PS5 ended up being The Ninja Warriors.”

“However, at the moment, the app folders are not separated. This is a pain.” Sakurai pointed out that he had previously organized his game library—obviously, he’s alluding to how the PlayStation 4 had a folder creation feature. As of writing, the PlayStation 5 does not yet support this. He adds he’s looking forward to the day it’s added.

Another issue the Smash Bros. creator pointed out was internal storage. “The capacity of the internal SSD, to be candid, is small and is already filled up. Taking out the operating system part, the amount that can actually be used is, what, 600GB?” Sony released the PlayStation 5 with 825GB of storage, but of course, that full number isn’t actually available to save games.

Sakurai pointed out that he was using a PS4 Pro with a 2TB hard drive and even then, he’d still have to delete things. Naturally, he expressed his desire for the storage amount to be increased.

“Overall, I am very satisfied! I think this looks like the start of a long relationship [with the PS5], and I definitely want to cherish [the console],” wrote Sakurai.

“Once the shortages end, I think this will be a console that many people will enjoy for a long time.”
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Well... that is a wealthy man's setup.
All consoles and multiple television.
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Sony needs to drop a big bag of money on his desk and have him make a Playstation Battle Royale game correctly.
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Originally Posted by SavedFromSin View Post
Sony needs to drop a big bag of money on his desk and have him make a Playstation Battle Royale game correctly.
Nintendo will never let him go for that.
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