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Henry Cavill thinks it would be "loads of fun" to play Captain Britain in the MCU

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Henry Cavill thinks it would be "loads of fun" to play Captain Britain in the MCU

He'd like to play a "modernized" version of the character

Henry Cavill has revealed that if he was going to play a character in the MCU, it would be Captain Britain – but a "cool, modernized" version.

"I’m never going to say a Marvel character that is already being played by someone else because everyone’s doing such an amazing job," he said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "However, I have the internet and I have seen the various rumors about Captain Britain and that would be loads of fun to do a cool, modernized version of that – like the way they modernized Captain America. There’s something fun about that, and I do love being British."

Captain Britain has yet to appear in the MCU, but the character first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1976. Dr. Brian Braddock becomes Captain Britain after gaining mystical powers from the sorcerer Merlyn and his daughter Roma – he eventually becomes a member of the X-Men team known as Excalibur. He's also worked alongside Dane Whitman, AKA the Black Knight, in the comics. That role was recently taken on by Kit Harington in Eternals. Could Captain Britain follow the Black Knight to the big screen? Only time will tell.

When it comes to superheroes, Cavill is, of course, best known for playing Superman in the DCEU. He first played the role in Man of Steel, and returned for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

We can next see Cavill in The Witcher season 2, which arrives on Netflix on December 17. In the meantime, check out our list of the best Netflix shows that you can stream right now.
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Well... if DC doesn't want him... i'm sure marvel is not as stupid.
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