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PlayStation reportedly laid off 'dozens' of UK employees on day of PS5 announcement

May have something to do with Brexit?

Click for full size

PlayStation reportedly laid off 'dozens' of UK employees on day of PlayStation 5 announcement

North American division growing its global influence

According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, Sony Interactive Entertainment laid off "dozens" of UK-based PlayStation employees on October 8, unfortunately coinciding with the announcement of a release date and further details regarding the PlayStation 5.

According to VGC's sources, American PlayStation executives visited the UK office in London and told the team that the company was undergoing a restructuring programme. An unspecified number of employees were then handed their notice, while others were informed they would have to be re-interviewed for their jobs. It is also noted that several redundancies were also made in the U.S. branch.

VGC reports that the move may in part be due to the shift in influence to Sony Interactive Entertainment's North American division. While previously territorial sectors of SIE have been allowed to capitalise on their knowledge and experience of the local audience for marketing, publishing and other ideas, SIE America has been pushing harder as the global influence for the brand at large.

Employees told VGC that SIE Europe is often left in the dark regarding elements such as upcoming State of Play contents, and also had no idea that the PlayStation 5 details were being announced that day. Understandably, affected employees thought it particularly disappointing that they were informed of the layoffs in close proximity to the PS5 news - although the report notes there is no suggestion the timing was intentional.
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SCEE as been mismanaged for many years. They have aquired and wasted studios and have naturally lost relevance in Sony.
It's sad and annoying news, but it's nothing new. They are a bit like the EA of europe in wich studios die in their hands, despite the fact that the PS is super popular in europe.
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crap, they also said that B/C for PS4 might not be included.... cause it's too hard... lol wtf.
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