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Square Enix leak indiciates a DQIII Remake coming in 2022, FFVII Part 2 date

Just treat it as rumors for now, DQIII Remake would be interesting, and FFVII Remake Part 2 for 2023 is kind of far, will they be able to complete the remake in the next gen cycle?

Square Enix leak that is beginning to gain credibility hints at a DQIII Remake coming in 2022

  • FFVII Remake Part 2 (Q1 2023) - PS5, Xbox, Windows
  • FF Project Sancta (Action Rol play game, Unreal Engine 5) - PS5, Xbox
  • Dragon Quest III Remake (Q4 2022) - PS5 Japan
  • Nier Repliant 1.5 (Q2 2021) - Action GDR, Platinum Engine - PS4, Xbox One, Windows
  • Kingdom Hearts Project OATH (Q1 2022) - Action role play game, Unreal Engine 4 - PS4, Xbox One, Goold Stadia
  • Kingdom Hearts Untitled Project (Action Role Play game, Unreal Engine 5) - PS5, Xbox
  • Babylong's Fall (Q4 2021) Action, GDR, Platinum Engine - PS4, Xbox ONe
  • Tomb Raider: Eclipse (2021) - Stealth, Dynamic Adventure - PS4, Xbox ONe, Windows, Stadia
  • Project Traveler (2021) Role Play Game, Adventure, GDR Unreal Engine 4, Nintendo Switch
  • Life is Strange 3 - Graphic Adventure, Unreal Engine 5 - PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft, Linux, MacOS
  • Just Cause 5 (2022) Third Person Shooter, Dynamic Adventure Apex Engine II - PS5, Xbox, Microsoft
  • Outriders (2021) Third person shooter, Multiplayer - PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft
  • 2 New IP AA - AAA
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There's a just cause 5 in development but they can't be bothered to remake Soul Reaver...

Weird that Avengers is nowhere to be seen.

Doesn't look like a new Deus Ex is in the cards either.
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