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Famitsu’s most wanted games - week of Feb 5/18

Hokuto ga Gotoku gets so high, it is really that great?

Famitsu’s most wanted games (2/4/18)

It’s time for the latest Famitsu’s most wanted games chart. Dragon Quest XI for Switch has shot up the charts as the top Nintendo-related title, and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition appears for the first time.

Head past the break for the full chart. All votes were cast between January 18 and January 24.

1. [PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake – 649 votes
2. [PS4] Hokuto ga Gotoku – 496 votes
3. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 443 votes
4. [PS4] Dynasty Warriors 9 – 339 votes
5. [PS4] Super Robot Wars X – 284 votes
6. [NSW] Dragon Quest XI – 198 votes
7. [3DS] Persona Q2 – 190 votes
8. [PS4] Death end re;Quest – 189 votes
9. [PS4] Valkyria Chronicles 4 – 187 votes
10. [PSV] Romancing SaGa 3 – 180 votes
11. [PS4] Secret of Mana – 172 votes
12. [PS4] Metal Max Xeno – 162 votes
13. [NSW] Shin Megami Tensei V – 148 votes
14. [PSV] Super Robot Wars X – 147 votes
15. [NSW] Kirby Star Allies – 145 votes
16. [PS4] Code Vein – 137 votes
17. [PS4] Dragon Quest Builders 2 – 134 votes
18. [PS4] Catherine: Full Body – 131 votes
19. [PS4] Zanki Zero – 130 votes
20. [PS4] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV – The End of Saga – 128 votes
21. [NSW] Project Octopath Traveler – 122 votes
22. [PS4] Ace Combat 7 – 115 votes
23. [PSV] Metal Max Xeno – 114 votes
24. [PS4] Ni no Kuni II – 106 votes
25. [NSW] Fire Emblem – 105 votes
26. [PS4] Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match – 103 votes
27. [NSW] Dragon Quest Builders 2 – 102 votes
28. [PSV] Secret of Mana – 99 votes
29. [PS4] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – 97 votes
30. [NSW] Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – 94 votes
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I lost my hype for DW9 with those clone weapons. Think i'll wait for the Xtreme legends version unless reviews are good. I also have reservations on how the open world may make the battles objectives less dynamic than the ones designed in a single map.

FF7R... is the game the market is waiting for, but has no clue when it will happen.

KH3 should come this year, so that's nice.

Valkyria 4 is further down than i expected. I think it was a bad desicion to base the game on the same war again. Theres only so many angles you can see it from.
But Valkyria revolution had a pretty decent story, so here's hope.
"Only those with narrow minds fail to see that the definition of Impossible is "Lack of imagination and incentive"" - DUNE:BJ
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