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The Moment..
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SWG anything new?

Hey I used to play SWG when it first came out after a few months of realizing that everyone could pwn a TKM i quit. Ive been playing FFXI since but just recently quit that, now im thinking of a new game to play. wondering since i still have this SWG here, should i try it agina....anyone know if there have been any major improvements? im going to read the swg forums but just wanted to get some quick feedback.
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i've had SWG since about 2 weeks after it came out and i hhaven't played it yet........ since it was my bro's and he only played it mabey twice then got LOTR2 BFME
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SWG changed a lot. It is more action-orientated. Before there was a wide selection of classes and multi-classing. Now SOE consolidated all of them into (correct me if I'm wrong) 11 classes. They also removed the Jedi trial quest because you can start as one now.
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I had a real jedi. Before they were handed out like candy. After they made that change the game was unplayable for me and a whooooole lot of people left.
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The game is laggy and buggy as hell. Took me 30 minutes to get past the intro tutorial and there is this constant slowdown that I can't explain. doesn't happen on any other, better-looking games that I have so I just quit since it was unplayable.
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Daddy Fat Sacks
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yeah same problem here when i played that game, i upgraded to 2 gigs ram and it was smooth after that
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