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Quick and Dirty Reviews

I've been playing a shitload of games lately, mostly because I finally have time to play alot of games on my PC. I don't want to do full reviews of them so here's the quick and dirty.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (with censorship fix) - Played 15 hours - 5/10 - Con will flip, but this game just isn't that entertaining. I could grade them on a curve since this is CDProjeckt's first game, but why should I? The game features too much backtracking with load screens between outdoors and indoors, wooden animation, and very boring dialogue. The plot seemed interesting, but everything else was just boring. It was fun to have sex with the women, get their cards, but most of the time, they just revert to their old AI dialogue. If that was the case, they should have let me fuck ALL the women. Then I'd give it 6/10 because there would actually be something interesting to do instead of collecting poached items from monsters.

Bioshock - Completed (Good Ending) - 6/10 - If I stopped half way though the game, I would have given Bioshock a 8/10, but the last third of the game is really really boring. We get the big 'Would you kindly' unveiling and then the story goes downhill. Here's a good rule about pacing, when you pull a huge plot twist out, you better be ready to wrap it up while we are feeling whatever emotions we are supposed to feel from the plot twist. I still had 5 more levels (out of 18) to do! I really lost interest in the game near the end and by then, it felt like a chore. I liked the atmosphere (and it really does raise the argument about graphics - what good is technological advances if you don't have an artist to use them? With all these graphical advances in the past two years, most games still can't hold a torch to Bioshock's look). I didn't like the splicing (I preffered to have guns to dish out pain). And I wish there were more enemies than just the splicers, turrets, and cameras.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game - Completed - 7/10 - This game was launched and I kinda forgot. That usually means it's a piece of licensed shit and had little to no gameplay. But I was wrong. The script it solid, the voice acting is solid, and the gameplay is solid (fun, but unoriginal). I bet my vote is kinda skewed since I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan (I initially gave it an 8/10 but knocked it down a point) but I loved the game. It had comedy, frights (the library scene is pretty scarry) and would make for a good third film. The ghosbustin' gameplay (which consists of using your PKE ala Metroid Prime to find Ghosts and then trapping them in your beam and then beating the ever-loving shit out of them by slamming them against the walls and then trapping them when they are pretty simplistic, but well done. Soon you can get enough money to skip the whole beating phase and just skip to slamming them straight into the trap like a pro. Which is nice when you are faced with a shitload of ghosts.

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - Completed - 9/10 - What's there to review? It's Monkey Island with voice acting and shiny new graphics. Don't like the shiny? Then press a button and it instantly reverts (smoothly, I might add) to the old graphics. It impressed my elitist PC room mate who swears that all new games are out to rape his pets.

Now I'm going to see how much Oblivion I can fit in until Sept. 15 (Batman day!)

Games I'm hyped for
The Last of Us Part 2, RE2 Remake, The Last Night

Current Platforms:
PC (i7-7700K, 16GB, GTX 980Ti), Wii U, PS4
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