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Daddy Fat Sacks
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graphics card problem

ok here goes, i have a Radeon 9800 pro. the heat sync on it failed (the fan part). it was on for a few days before i realized this. one day my screen had horrible blue a purple lines and blotches on it the looked pixelated and gradually filled the entire screen. i bought a new heat sync, now the lines dont gradually get worse but are still there. is my graphics card fried, and if so is it repairable?

thanks for your help
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It sounds pretty bleak. Best way to find out is to either try the card in a different computer, or use a different card with your PC. If you check your motherboard manual or even the back of your computer, you might be lucky enough to find you have an onboard video card and can use that. But since I dont know what board you have you'll need to look it up. Would definately be a quick way of checking.
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