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King Arthur screens + internivew

Please turn out good

You call your game "the Role-playing Wargame". Could you please comment upon this statement? What particular element of an RPG do you use and won’t it interfere with the strategic part of your game?

In the game you are King Arthur and you command whole armies and heroes. While the heroes lead the armies, besides the gradually unfolding storyline they explore the land of the mystical Britannia – meaning that you send them to battles to conquer provinces, which add up to a growing realm that has to be managed by passing laws and developing cities – they are also the main characters of the game. These Knights of the Round Table gather experience, develop abilities, participate in adventures (where they have their own influence on the outcome), so the strategy incorporates the RPG-elements seamlessly.

Please tell some about the Knights and the forces which stand against Arthur.

The Knights of the Round Table are not only those extraordinary warriors that were depicted in the classic tales, powerful individuals capable of unbelievable feats, but heroes possessing magical powers that they will develop further as they gain experience. They can be familiar from the Arthurian tales, Lancelot, Merlin, Galahad and so on. They have their own backgrounds, their own loyalties and moralities. Which means that since there are many of them, some of them will serve Arthur but others will appear in the courts of Arthur’s enemies such as the tribal warlord-king of Wales, the monster-slaying Saxons, the reborn Roman provinces or Morgawse, the Witch Queen of Orkney.

What does “Fighting Fantasy quests” means?

Knightly quests are the essence of King Arthur’s world, crossroads where you can choose between the pathways of storyline or take decisions that change the Morality. In technical terms quests are short stories where the chosen knight has to make decisions somewhat similar to the classic style made famous by the Fighting Fantasy books.

Theres heaps more questions and answers about the game at the link. Go check it out.

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