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Firefox wont let me send mail

This is weird but firefox wont let me send mail through my charter account. I know it's the browser cause IE can do it fine and the people at charter can do it fine. I tried re-installing firefox but it didnt do anything. any suggestions?
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I cant comment too much on firefox, but how come you arent using the default Outlook express?
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Can you elaborate on the problem? Are you having trouble setting up a email account in Firefox (Firefox does not have that functionality) or it just wont send email when you're logged in to your Charter account?

If it's the former, I don't think Firefox allows you to set up accounts through it. Firefox isn't a webmail application. That works in Mozilla Suite or its successor browser SeaMonkey.

If it's the latter, then the problem might be the Charter site - in which case you really can't do anything about it but notify Charter. Some sites or scripts don't work well in alternative browsers like Firefox. Also check that you have JavaScript running in your browser in Tools > Options > Content.

Also check this.
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Joe Redifer
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Have you considered the fact that Firefox is not an e-mail client, but a web browser instead?
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