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Sin and Punishment
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Your laptop is PooPoo.
Outpostnine is that 1%.
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this is my new PC, cheap 600 dollar one i bought out of desperation, had to buy a gig of ram cuz 222MB wasnt doin it for me :annoyed:

lol my laptop is in a cardboard box right now taken nearly completely apart, u wouldnt imagine how much of a pain it is just to get to the power board, I need a new one which would cost like 60 bucks on ebay, and who knows what shape the board will be in seeing as how all averatec 3200s have power board problems, nearly caught my laptop on fire, then dealt with the horrible short for over a month until it finally stopped working

still debating wether I should get it or not, this 800 dollar laptop has cost me way over 1500 dollars in repairs now.

hey warantees roxorz lolz try em sometime

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