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Half-Life 2 SDK Soon

So if the modding tools are going to be released soon, can we expect the game within the next two months? What is the usual window between the release of modding tools and the retail game?

I normally don't pay attention to this kind of thing because my PC usual sucks for brand new games, but I've ready and waiting with a Radeon 9800 Pro for this thing since September. I really hope it's out before the end of March, cuz I'm getting to the bottom of my rope for waiting on it...
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I can't be positive but I don't think SDK tools came out until after most games shipped and then it could be awhile. Now I'm sure they were exceptions but I can't remember specific games at this moment. However, I could believe this for Half-Life 2 (and other major games) since modding is now one of the keys to a succesful game today.
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Well HL2 supposedly will be out in april. They might make it earlier or later, not sure. All I know is this is one game I just can't NOT wait for. Unlike Condition Zero which I've lost all interest for.
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cs 2 k, thnx
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Now lets remember who we're talking about here... Valve and for that matter any game developer has no since of the word soon... soon can mean within mere weeks... or it could mean at least half a year possiblely... I'm like Alucard, I can't wait for this game... but I know Valve too well to get my hopes up. It's been what... 5 years since Half Life came out.... and they haven't produced a single game since then.
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