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Updates to Star Wars Galaxies

Ok, until Blizzard lets me into the World of Warcraft beta, or the finished game (which we all know will most likely be the smoothest MMORPG launch EVER seeing as some veteran MMORPGs don't even show the polish that WoW is showing) I figured I'd give my old Love-Hate MMORPG another crack for a few months. Thats right, Ren X and Star Wars Galaxies are going to give it another go and well, the old girl better impress or this SW Fanboy is gonna be seriously piss. With that said....

Apparently SWG is really starting to shape up to actually be a true Star Wars experience rather than just another EQ clone.

First off, the first Space-based Instanced Adventure has been launched. It just so happens that the name of this adventure zone is, Corellian Corvette. It offers up nine different mission types and groups of players can have their own private instance of the adventure. But don't expect this to be a dance threw daisies... of the 40,000+ players that have attempted this adventure, only 10,000 or so have actually completed it.

Moving on to more interesting stuff (adventures are great, but I'm more interested in the world of SWG than anything) With the next few publishes (scheduled, goal oriented updates) Droids should start to live up to their status that was set in the movies. Droids will soon be able to help find resouces, pay for structure maintenence, repair other droids, jam with musicians, put on laser light shows, harvest creature componets, advertise wares if you have them to sell and well... blow sh*t up. Now this is just me, but when I was playing back a few months ago (before I had to deactiviate my account due to school and the fact the game just didn't live up to it's possible greatness) droids where little more than just well... a moving item... they had little actual use, I'm glad to see those little buggers are getting some actual use now.

Also, the developers had added a novice player tutorial whats geared more towards their chosen profession, in addition to the basics tutorial. This will add direct experience and add a ton of information and quests to the starting players path. To go along with the droid announcement, New Players will be given a Helper Droid to assist them in completeing their quests. Nice touch if you ask me and also an insentive for new players to jump in and start playing personally.

Now on to the real stuff current players and prospectant players are really interested in. SWG had 3 major systems to focus on before they make the "Jump to Lightspeed" (for those of you who haven't been following, the name of the Space Expansion is Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed). Theses seems are Combat, the infamously hated Jedi system, and the most important of all in my opinion, the Galactic Civil War.

Combat Balancing seems to be the first task the developers are focusing on, since this is going to be a key point when the Galatic Civil War kicks in and also the Jedi should benifit from this as well. Their basicly just polishing the system they have up, making it better and well... balanced. And they will be taking their sweet precious time on this, but they predict that with in the next 2 publishes Combat Balancing should be sorted out.

Next, ahhh the Jedi... Lets face it... the Jedi system as it was, was the worse planned out system in SWG. Hologrind (where you got Holocrons, they told you to master a profession and then you do that over and over till you finally unlock your FS Char Slot) and iffy balance of the Jedi path itself, who ever was in charge of this system must have been fired because in Publish 9 will trigger the beginning of the new Jedi system. It's been affectionally dubbed, Secrets of the Force. No infomation has been offered, but the next bit about the Jedi is monumental!

The Jedi Trails (Publish 10) will, and I scream this in a joygasm, COMPETELY PUT AN END TO HOLOGRIND AS A METHOD OF ACHIEVING FORCE SENSITIVITY, and in it's place, a quest based system of becoming a Jedi. Now this does bring up some complains from those who have been grinding away at being a jedi, fear not, The team is going to take the proportion of the completion that a player is at and allow them to more rapidly progress threw a proportional amount of the quests. SWG team promises it will be FAIR and it will be FUN! SWG Team... you damn well better make it fair and fun other wise.... I think your game is gonna die before it hits Space.

Finally the GCW, Galactic Civil War is going to be overhauled to "become the true elder game of Star Wars Galaxies" and a lot of people are wondering why the Jedi are getting their go before the GCW. well I'll just put what they had in the Newsletter.

"1) Our vision for the GCW requires that we find ways to involve virtually everyone in the ongoing war. We need to take the time to design the GCW revamp so that it can be impacted by all types of players, from a Master Commando to a peaceful Artisan.
2) Because the GCW involves a fair bit of PvP, it has to be done after the Combat balance. (However, there will be plenty of ways for non-combatants to contribute as well.)
3) We do not think the current holo-grind system of becoming a Jedi is healthy for the game, and we want it to stop as soon as possible."

Their not ignoring the GCW issues, they will be minorly improving ti between now and it's big revamp, it's just that understandablely, other things have to come first.

Well, this is the major stuff and expect more announcements to come with in the next 60 days and of course hear more about Jump to Lightspeed at E3 which... well I think is only a week away... heres something to wet your appitites, a schedule of mini publishes.... Hmmmmm, did somebody say JETPACKS!!!

Publishes 8-11 Details:

We're also doing a lot of "under the hood" things in preparation for future improvements to the Bazaar and large scale PvP - while you won't see any fruits of those efforts a while, this work will allow us to expand the Bazaar functionality and better support big battles in the future.

We've been burning themidnight oil to come up with a few more surprises. In the next 60 days you will see announcements on:

A Veteran's Rewards system that will allow you to earn a bunch of cool things, up to and including an exclusive starship when "Jump to Lightspeed" launches!
In-game leader boards.
New mission types for player cities.
A preferred "Jump to Lightspeed" beta program for existing subscribers/veterans.
A Character Transfer System to move between galaxies.
And a few other crazy things along the way!
As mentioned in the last State of the Game, things can and will change with our schedule. Accordingly, I would like to present you with our current development plans:

Mini Publish 8.1 - May 11th

Image Designer Enhancements
Improved Line of Sight calculations (no more shooting through walls etc.)
Jump to Lightspeed Beta announcement
Mini Publish 8.2 - May 25th

Death Watch Bunker This is a Major adventure w/ integrated profession requirements and some amazing new loot:
Bounty Hunter Armor
Mandalorian Armor
Jetpacks (Yes, Jetpacks!)
New weapons
New art
Veteran Rewards system
Badge Display system
Loot enhancements
Publish #9: Secrets of the Force

Complete overhaul of the Jedi system
Character Transfer System
Hermit Quest fixes
PlayerCity Missions
Mini Publish 9.1

Wookiee Armor 2 & 3
Additional Chat Channels
Mini Publish 9.2

Crafting/ Entertainer Quests
Merchant: Remove Empty Vendors from Planetary Map
Publish #10: The Jedi Trials

Complete overhaul of the path to becoming Force Sensitive
Combat Balance: A major overhaul to the combat system and balances of our game.
Squad Leader Revamp
Mini Publish 10.1

Top CS/ QA/ Correspondents' issues

Mini Publish 10.2

Hutt Casino: This is a major Social Adventure geared towards Dancers, Musicians, and fast-talking Smugglers. It is also going to be a great place just to hang out. It was moved from Publish 9 to Publish 10 because our art resources will be cranking on Space during that time. Believe me, it will be worth the wait!
Publish #11: The Galactic Civil War

Complete overhaul of the Galactic Civil War system
Smuggler revamp


(Questions, Comments, Rants/Raves, addition info are all welcome, but please say on subject, I don't want Drunken shutting this discussion down)
"Do you want it done fast, or do you want it done right?"
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