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Nintendo Security Breach Actually Hit About 300,000 Accounts

That number has been doubled !
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Nintendo Security Breach Actually Hit About 300,000 Accounts

Back at the end of April 2020, Nintendo confirmed that there had been some issue with hacking attempts on account both on its Japanese and European support pages. Now, it seems that Nintendo security breach is larger than it initially seemed. While the original report suggested about 160,000 Nintendo Network IDs had been a part of the problem, the number of accounts affected is now up to about 300,000, according to Nintendo of Japan’s latest announcement. [Thanks, Daan “NintenDaan” Koopman!]

In the new statement about the Nintendo security breach, the company confirmed that another 140,000 accounts had been a part of the hacking attempt. In response to the discovery. Nintendo has reset passwords and asked that people use unique, secure ones. As before, the page also said to use different passwords for your Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo account and advised people to use two-factor verification.

Nintendo also said it has begun addressing the issue if people found their accounts had been compromised. That is, it has been providing refunds for people who might have had their Nintendo accounts hacked as a result of this breach. Though, in the update it claimed less than 1% of accessed accounts resulted in unauthorized charges.

If you need to change your password, you can do so at your official Nintendo Account page via Sign-in and Security Settings. That is also where you can check your sign-in history and enable two-step verification.
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Finally. It’s all coming out now.
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I made sure to delete all credit cards off the service just in case when we knew this was happening.
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