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It's time to watch The Last of Us Part II State of Play stream, one last look

Who's getting this at launch?

Click for full size

It's time to watch The Last of Us Part II State of Play stream

One last look

In another timeline, we'd be two days away from The Last of Us Part II. Originally set for May 29 (well, actually, originally set for sometime in February), Naughty Dog's newest was pushed back to June 19 because 2020 jacked up literally everyone's plans.

Instead, we'll have to settle for an extended look. This 20-minute special edition of PlayStation's State of Play is hosted by director Neil Druckmann and focuses on key points of gameplay and story. Sony says it'll end with an 8-minute extended sequence of never-before-seen footage.

Remember to take care to avoid the rampant spoiling of The Last of Us Part II's plot. If you're watching on the embed above, you should be fine. However, if you click through to watch it on YouTube, make sure to hide the live chat. The comments are disabled, but chat is enabled by default. The same goes for Twitch. Hiding chat should be your first move.

So, just 15 more minutes until our last big look at The Last of Us Part II before its launch. It wasn't necessarily planned this way, but, man, Sony is sending PlayStation 4 out with a bang. Two highly-anticipated first-party games back to back in The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima during the summer, and then PS5 in the fall. If the PS4 era was defined by PlayStation's excellent exclusives, then this is the most fitting finale.
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I think I'm gonna pass. Leaks annoyed me too much to enjoy myself now. Maybe when it's 20 bucks I might grab it if it gets decent reviews. Otherwise I'll probably just let it slide on by.
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First one was overrated and i hate Drukman. He is ruining ND.
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after leak about game i'll pass it.
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