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Daddy Fat Sacks
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I just wet myself. I mean, i always knew it was gonna happen...but now we have confirmation. I am overwhelmed with glee.This got me thinking about Warcraft 4.....which got me to thinking, how will that story work. WOW is on-going.....4 would hafta be a prequel.
["Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the former."-Albert Einstein]
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I speak with codes.
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I loved Divine Divinity! My only problem was the strange grid-like way of movement. Diablo II's was so smooth, it was difficult to play afterwards. I haven't heard of this Hellgate: London. I shall do more research.
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Hellgate London will own your soul. And if you dont know it then you didnt check out that list of PC games coming that Decado slapped up! Pay more attention to the list!!
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Nano Fox
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Yargh!, diablo sucked? how so? don't tell me it was the graphix cause ill smack you.
i used to play the old diablo and red alert cause they were the best around that time, diablo 2 on the other hand made what ebay is today. and a diablo 3, hmmm i think ill stick to world of warcraf kekekethnxs.
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