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GamesGate PC game deals

It seems more and more places are opening up online for downloadable games. Which means now the prices are getting more and more cooler. I've spied some pretty awesome prices on here so heres a few.

Cryostasis- $11.99

King's Bounty The Legend- $12.49

UFO trilogy- $9.99

Spellforce Platinum $.9.99

Syberia 1 + 2 - $19.99

Secret Files: Tunguska - $9.99

X-Com Complete Pack - $14.99, or just get the single ones for $5 I think it was.

Majesty Gold Edition- $9.99

X3: Reunion - $9.99

Black Mirror- $9.99

And theres just heaps more. I think the prices are pretty awesome. I mean $10 for some awesome games and bundles. They even list how big the download it. I'm really starting to warm to downloadable media. While its cool to own the disc it really just takes up way too much space. Knowing I can download it again down the future is always good. Or I can just burn it to a disc after downloading. The only time I really buy from stores is if theres a cool bundle, like the Witcher with its godly art book. Still pretty pissed off my copies of Far Cry and Dark Messiah both dont work cause the discs just oneday felt like NEVER WORKING AGAIN for me in any dvd drive. pfffffft. Coasters. Expensive ones.

How many times can I download and/or install my games?

Any game bought on GamersGate is yours to download and install as many times you like. Some games are protected with an activation limit but that limit is easily reset with an email to

Can I pay by any other means than Credit Card?

Besides Credit Card payments we also accept PayPal as a payment method. For more information please look here. Paynova or PayPal.
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