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Originally Posted by Reko8 View Post
Yeah, I mention the transexual in the review.
Oh, I didnt realize he was a transexual, I just thought he/she was gay.

Anyways, I love the stereotypical gay guy. For some reason the girlyness and lisp always make me laugh. I remember watching trailers for that game over and over for lulz.
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I always switched the voices back to english whenever he was about to talk
then to Japanese for everyone else
C'mon get back on your feet!
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Originally Posted by AtariX View Post
A girl who likes to Toss Salad = Orgasmic.
I put tossed salad as the lowest score because I don't want to be the one tossing someone's salad in prison
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Graphics/Setting: Pretty Sweet
By Crom there are a lot of breasts and gore in this game. I'm surprised FOX News didn't rip on this game. If you don't know anything about Conan, he is the manliest man of the Norse world. The story of this game is that Conan was knocked out and his equipment was turned into monsters. Conan wakes up on a beach and the game is you hunting down your armor and going after this guy. Conan's in game play looks awesome. The moves are smooth and beautiful. The cut scenes where it shows character models up close is weird looking. This doesn't affect the grade much, but the water looks horrible in this game. The setting takes you to typical Norse places such as Arabian looking palaces, mountains, and the dark caves. So from far away, everything looks great, but up close the game isn't anything extraordinary.

Gameplay/Fun Factor: Freakin Awesome
By Crom this kind of looked like an average hack n' slash game, but it doesn't play like one. When I first played this game, I detested it, but it grows on you. As Conan, you use 3 types of weapons, one handed, duel wield, or two handed. As you play the game, you unlock combos that Conan can use. I usually just mash buttons, but the game has you unlock new combos by using the ones you have. This system had me learning combos like nuts and I learned different combos that made the game even better. A lot of enemies also have different strategies to take them down. Different weapons and combos work on certain enemies and not all of them. The boss fights are like God of War where they are huge and interactive with button presses. Unlike God of War, there's a shit load of boss fights.

My Opinion of the Game: Freakin Awesome
By Crom I'm a sucker for Conan. There's nothing manlier than Conan. He kills everyone, takes no shit, and provides super slam sessions to needy women. So me being gay for Conan made me love this game a lot more. Just playing the game makes me feel like a badass. Walking in on me during a play session looks weird cause when I died I got super pissed cause Conan doesn't die. Usually I'm not into Norse mythology unless Conan is involved. This game kinda plays like God of War, but in my opinion, God of War sucks compared to this game just because Conan is way more awesome than Kratos.

Final Score: Freakin Awesome
Conan is nothing ground breaking, but it is definitely better than most average hack n' slash games.
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