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Why would someone talk about the Gameplay when scoring the Story?

EDIT: lolololol.

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Deal with it.
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I'll refrain from commenting. I did not like AC for GC, so why would I like it for DS?

Review Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins for PSP if you have the chance.
Turn on the difference.
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I didn't say you would like it for ds, i was referring to those who like those kinds of games. Also i've never played the gc version, but others have told me the ds version is better though.
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Old 01-10-2007, 12:14 PM   #79
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*dustes off thread*
I've been playing some neo geo games latey and figured i'd review the games ^ _ ^
First up at bat is Blazing Star.

Story: At birth you were just a happy little space ship, when suddenly.......* BOOM* you're an adult and you must fight through level after level of unfamiliar enemies who may or may have not killed your parents. Pretty much the game doesn't have a story, it's a straight-foward overhead shooter with one goal of defeating the final boss.

Graphics: As with almost all of the NG games I've played so far, I'm impressed with the graphics. They did a fine job of making it look like an actual arcade game, especially compared to games that were on (for example) the genesis that were supposed to look arcade but didn't quite make it to that level, although altered beast was pretty close. But the arcade look gives the game a better feel, for me at least.

Gameplay: You have a choice of several ships to choose from at the beginning, each of them having their own way of shooting the weapons and have different powerups and charged weapons which can somewhat affect how well you'll play the game because while one ship may shoot more scattered "bullets" another might have a more accurate shot, and the same goes with the powered-up shots. During the main part of the game when fighting the enemies it plays pretty similar to Gradius (good game btw) but of course blazing star has a lot more to it. There are a lot of enemies on the screen at one time after you get past the boring first 20 seconds or so of the game. The only problem I had with the gameplay is that some of the bosses were a bit too easy to beat, which kinda disappointed me.

Sound: As with the graphics, the sounds have an arcade feel to them as well. There's not much I want to say about the sounds except that the background music was good and the announcers voice sometimes got annoying.


Story: There is not story what so ever.... so.... 10/10, j/k 1/10

Graphics: The visuals were really good and were arcade worthy, 10/10

Gameplay: Controlling the ship was smooth and the game has a high fun factor, again the bosses could've been better. 8/10

Sound: Good arcade sounds and music, annoying announcer. 9/10

Get/Play it?

Definitely. The game has really good replay value and even though the bosses aren't quite as challenging as I hoped, the rest of the game was done very good. If the neo geo wasn't a bajillion dollars and the game was easily available i'd pick up a copy myself.
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Great review.

Its a really fun shooter, the mech-like enemies were a great addition.

Like with all shooters though, I get my ass handed to me pretty badly and walk away in shame.
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Old 01-11-2007, 01:31 PM   #81
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Magical Drop III

This is one of the other many neo geo games I've played recently, and I see it's made by Data East (didn't know that before).

Spoilers (not that they matter)

now that that's out the way

Story: I wasn't quite sure what the story was (didn't pay attention to it honestly), but basically you're going against one person after another in attempt to reach the final boss. I don't think there should even be a story for this type of game.

Graphics: The game is colorful to say the least and has (of course) an anime style art to it. The art and the bouncy colors go together and pretty much suit the game. The layout of the game was done well along with the backgrounds you see on some of the other modes of the game.

Gameplay: The gameplay's excellent. It's almost like tetris mixed with columns. There are serveral rows of "balloons" at the top and you move the little guy at the bottom of the screen, the actual character you pick is too lazy to move the baloons, and you can (by some magical force) pull down a balloon, or a set of the same colored balloos and move them to their respective row/columns. When you line up a certain number of the same colored balloons they disappear and the number on the right goes down as you make more disappear. In challenge mode the match is over (from what i saw) if a player's counter reaches zero or one of the player's balloons reaches the ground first. I honestly did't play the other game modes too much except for magical journey i believe it was and it was good, it's just that i was too busy with the challenge mode

The first few matches aren't too exciting, but the later ones are pretty fast-paced and you have to move those balloons pretty fast if you hope to have a chance.

Sound: This game's got a lot of background sound to it, from the music itself to the sound effects from moving ballons and the announcer and characters talking. The music (as with the graphics) fits the game. I just found out by accident you can change the background music during gameplay which is a plus. I just found it funny how the characters sound when they're losing, but for the most part the sounds/music are pretty good.


Story: There's a story in the game, but again I didn't feel the need for one and didn't pay much attention to it and the game would've been just fine without one. [b]4/10[b]

Graphics: The graphics are good, the eerily happy colors fit the game along with the anime art for it. I really couldn't find anything wrong in this dept. 10/10

Gameplay: Excellent gameplay. It has a lot of replay value, it's high-paced which is good for it's genre and it's challenging as you get further into it. 10/10

Sounds: Nice background sounds. They're not too distracting and actually sometimes help so you'll know if your enemy is losing and don't have to look over every time to check. 10/10

Buy/Play it?

Yes. It's a nice alternative to tetris if you've played that game to death. The replay value is good which of course is a plus for any game, and it's challenging. Definitely worth getting.
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B.B. Gambini
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why dont you review guilty gear
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cuz i don't want to.
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Silkroad Online

Now that my hand is pretty much healed up I can return to typing.

This time around I'll review the mmorg Silkroad Online.

Story: I can't think of what the story is, but I'm just going to copy the story from wikipedia.
Silkroad is based on the history of trading in China along the Silk Road, a historical network of trade routes in Southern Asia. The game attempts to reproduce the Silk Road in a much smaller scale, looking realistic and at the same time incorporating fantasy elements such as the use of special magical skills and abilities.
Gameplay: The gameplay is somewhat unique to me considering the only mmorpgs i've played were WoW and this one. The method of playing is double-clicking on an enemy to attack it repeatidly. Depending on how strong your character is will determine how much damage you'll deliver. If the monster is a lower level (alucard) and your character is a higher level (me) the monster will of course (just like in real life) will be defeated with ease.

Another important feature of the gameplay is the Skill points and Mastery skills. As you kill monsters you gain both Skill Points and Experience points. Skill points are used towards your mastery skills that you wish to use them for and the exp points of course level up your character's level. When you use skill points towards mastery skills, your mastery level rises. Now there's ways of going about leveling, if your mastery level is lower than your character level, you'll get more skill points per kill, if it's even or higher than your character level you get less. Same thing (as far as i know) goes for the exp points as well. That all together will change the game from either being easy to level up or hard to level up, it's up to the player.

Other things in the game include being able to open up your own shop to sell things you have and of course to be able to form Guilds.

Along with that stuff is the ability to be able to choose a job once you reach lvl 20.

Trader: Buys goods from one city and transports them to another city to get a large amount of gold.

Theif: Has to attack a trader that's transporting stuff. Them must take the trader's stuff and sell it on the black market. Theives can either be characters or computer controlled and shows up at random times.

Hunter: Protects traders from theives.

You can also buy silk online (with a credit card) and the silk can be used in the game to purchase different things. You don't have to buy silk, but that option's available for those that have too much time on their hands.

Graphics: The graphics are decent, but not extraordinary. The graphics look piss poor when set to a low quality. The only reason they look better is because of the Bloom effect when you set the graphics higher, which suits the game well better than other games, but even so it's not that great with it. It's good though to be able to set what graphical features are on (shadow effects, detailed textures, etc).

Sound: The background music of the game can get pretty annoying after a while, especially since I usually have winamp playing in the background, so i just turn the sounds off. Other than the bg music, the sound effects are pretty basic, an attack sound, characters yelling retarded, etc.

So now what?
Imho this game is a tad better than WoW considering it's got most of the stuff WoW has, with a few other features that are good. The graphics aren't exactly spectacular, but it's an online rpg and it's pretty much expected not to have great graphics. The game's free, so at least it won't be a waste of money, just a waste of time if you don't like it. But for the most part the game's good. It's 500mb and downloads pretty fast, within about 1/2 hour.
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I speak with codes.
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You have no taste in MMOs.
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*gets out papers*
*clears throat*

And I quote...

Originally Posted by MarionetteKazuko
Gameplay: The gameplay is somewhat unique to me considering the only mmorpgs i've played were WoW and this one
Meaning I haven't played many mmorpgs. So before you threw in your 2 cents about my taste in mmo's then maybe you should've read my post better. And you always seem to have something negative to say in here about my reviews, such as my rating of the games and now about the taste with games and i don't exactly go in your reviews criticizing. So if you have some odd problem with my reviews then just simply stop reading them because in my eyes your taste in games can be considered just as bad, if not worse.
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