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My brother's alternate PC that he left behind had the same card as my previous (a 6800). Looking at the two, the difference was quite discernable. But I didn't have any problems with the 7900GTO card whatsoever.

If you have the money, it is still best to buy a single 8800 than to SLI two 7900s though. However, if you don't want to spend big bucks on video cards, then the 7900 is more than suitable since I was able to play any game with all the visuals maxed out, except for shadows of course, at 1600x1200.
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Thats awesome that the 7900 did so well for you. Maybe the brand I was getting proved to be bad on my part. I be interested in taking your 7900 card off ya but I downgraded for the fact I need to pick up a 8800 sometime next year anyway. So looks like I'm just waiting on those.
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