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Aion: Tower of Eternity Screenshots

Shit game that looks purdy. Farcry engine.
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That booty too fine
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The one aspect I am most interested in seeing is the relationship between the server -controlled Balaur race and those controlled by players of various factions. I want a game where if you act in favor with a race, depending on their nature, they may ally with you; but if you wrong them, then they could not only deny you access to their villages, but also fight you if you try to enter or even raid your own cities.

That craptacular excuse for a game, Fable, made a very basic attempt at this and failed miserably:

"Hey Hero, come have a drink on us."
[Hero stabs and murders the barkeep and exits the town as guards give chase]
[Hero does a few quests and walks back in the town where the people cheer and love him with no memory of what happened before]

In other words, games should give server-controlled or AI controlled populations an expansive memory in their relations to player characters in reference to both dialog and actions. This would add a lot more depth and meaning behind a players decision-making.
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You should of played Fallout then. Anything you did reflected elsewhere. Like when my female character became a porn star in it, all the females in the game refused to help me or be nice to me, which locked some quests and also made others much trickier. Awesome game. Helping a certain gang in it got you instantly attacked in another town if you visited again cause they were not happy about what you did.
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